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What is Street Style Store?

Street Style Store is an online as well as offline Retail store which is situated at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India. Vishal Puri is the co-founder of Street Style Store.

Street Style Store sells a wide range of products starting from heels, shoes, clothing, beauty, boots and also sells men’s wear.

SSS Street Style Store heels

Street Style Store has a wide variety of heels starting from Platform heels, Point Toe T-strap, Transparent heels, Kitter heels, and many more.


If you want to purchase heels at an affordable price you can check out the Street Style store. It offers a unique range of heels that are not easily available at any local store or on Flipkart or Amazon. Heels on street Style Store are starting from ₹499 – ₹799. You can buy trending and stylist heels from Street Style Store.


The heels on Street style Store vary in color including black, white, nude shaded in pink and blue, yellow, transparent color, and multi-colors heels. If you want to buy fashionable heels at an affordable price you can buy heels from their official website.


The material is neither of bad quality nor very good quality. Some heels you might of very good material but some are of velvet material which damages and torn easily. But as you are getting heels at affordable prices, you can try to buy one heel for the first time and if you like the quality you can definitely buy more heels next time.

Design and patterns

I’m really impressed by the design and patterns of the heels and flat sold at Street Style Store. They have unique patterns, fluffy design on the top of the heel, animal printed heels. The designs are much similar to H&M but the prices of H&M are not much affordable. You will get the heel at H&M at more than ₹2500 but a similar pair of heels can be bought at an affordable price at Street Style Store.


The size chart is available from Euro Size 39 – 42. I would highly recommend that even if you are sure about your sure, always check the size chart and then proceed to checkout your order as some of the reviews given by the user suggests that sizes vary according to the product.

Street Style Store SSS nude colour heel
Street Style Store SSS White and transparent
Street Style Store peech colour heal

Street Style Store 3 Flats at ₹999

At Street Style Store you can buy three amazing flats at ₹999. They have an exclusive collection and a wide range of flat collections at their online and offline store. You can pick the flats by color, design, pattern.

Under this section, you can add three beautiful flats of your choice and size and proceed to check out. During checkout, you will see 50 GST added with 999 which makes your total cart value 1049 but the good thing is that you can buy three beautiful and unique flats under ₹1049 and you can use it as daily wear.

Street Style Store Flat in black & white
Street Style Store SSS
Street Style Store Flats

Rating and Reviews

Ratings and reviews give insight into products that have been used by real users or customers. If the rating and reviews are good and the customers really appreciate the purchase they have made that makes a good count rating and reviews.

Whenever any customer visits the website to order the product, first thing first they select the products that they want to buy but before proceeding to checkout they always prefer to see the rating and reviews that have been given by users who have already purchased and used those products. Also when the old user attaches the photos of products that the customers have received, a new user is able to see and able to relate with the products.

Referring to Street Style Store, there are no ratings mentioned on their website. So if you want to know about the rating and reviews you can refer to different blogs and youtube videos in which you will see the products bought and genuine reviews given by the content creators. They will let you know about the pros and cons of buying the product. After reading the blog or by watching videos you will be able to decide if you should spend money on buying products from Street Style Store or not.

Availability of Products

Street Style Store products can be bought from their own website as well as you can buy the Street Style Store products like Flats from Myntra.

If I have to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying the same products from Myntra, I have a few points that I’ll discuss here.


I see only one disadvantage in buying the same product from Myntra. The flats will cost you little extra money if you buy a single Street Style Store flat from Myntra. I see most of the Flats are available at Rs. 599 which is a little costly as compared to the price mentioned on their website but I see more advantages to buying the same flat from Myntra.


  1. On most of the Flats ratings and reviews are available with the original picture of the Flats received by the customer and they have shared genuine feedback which always have the new buyer to differentiate between products.
  2. Easy 30 days returns and exchanges policy is available if you buy the same Flat from Myntra but Street Style Store only gives you the option once to excahange the product if you have some issues with size.
  3. Myntra is more genuine and reliable than Street Style Store. Also, if you are not happy with the product, there is no return Policy but Myntra have.


Buying products from Street Style Store can be a good purchase or it can be a bad purchase. It’s 50 -50 chances. Some of the products completely fit in size but some don’t, color is sometimes not the same as shown on the website, design, and material slightly differ from what is shown on the website. But you can give it a try and try to purchase those items which have been already purchased and reviewed by someone. This will give you an idea and will give you clarity on whether you should buy that product or not. Do good research while spending your money on buying any products from Street Style Store. If you are a college-going girl or working professional you can give it a try once and share your experience in the comment section.

FAQ related to Street Style Store

1. What SSS stands for?

SSS stands for Street Style Store which is an online as well as offline Retail store which sells men’s and women’s clothing wear, footwear. You can buy stylish and beautiful flats, heels, tops, dresses, jeans, and ethnic wear from Street Style Store.

2. Is Street Style Store and Street Style Stalk the same or different?

Street Style Store is not similar to Street Style Stalk. By SSS people get confused and sometimes land on the wrong website which is not genuine. When You enter the official website of SSS which is Street Style Store on the top banner a popup message displays that “Important note: We are not related to www.streetstyleS** or any other site. Please check the website name very carefully before buying any products”.

So before you go and purchase from SSS please confirm the website name very carefully as suggested by Street Style Store on their official website.

3. Is Street Style Store fake or genuine?

Street Style Store is absolutely genuine and real. You can trust this website and can buy products but before buying any product please check out their website and watch some videos on Youtube where people have shared genuine feedback or read some blogs related to their site and products.

4. Is there any delivery charges on the order, If I order from Street Style Store?

Yes, there is a delivery fee of ₹99 which is nonrefundable. You will be charged a delivery fee of ₹99 if you choose a Cash on Delivery order(COD).

5. What is the official website of Street Style Store?

The official website of Street Style Store is

6. Is there any Return & Refund Policy available in case I’ve to return the order?

No, there is no return & refund policy available on their website but if you have received the wrong size then you can definitely return it within 15 days and get your size exchanged.

See what is mentioned regarding the Refund Policy on the official website of Street Style Store, “We do not have ” Money Refund ” Policy. The return of product is not available and replacement is only available once you have a size issue.

7. What kind of products and accessories I can buy from the Street Style Store?

You can buy a wide variety of products starting from heals from Footwear to Dresses and jeans from Clothing. Both men and women can do shopping at Street Style Store.

8. Is Street Style Store good for buying clothes?

Yes, the Street Style Store is good for buying clothes. There is a great deal under the clothing section, you can buy 3 clothes for ₹799 and also there is another deal where you can buy 3 clothes for ₹1199

9. In which country Street Style Store is situated?

Street Style Store is available online as well as offline. Street Style Store is situated at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India.

10. In how many days I can receive my order If I place an order from Street Style Store?

In 7 – 21 days you can expect your delivery. Sometimes the delivery is too fast and you’ll receive your delivery within a week and sometimes it takes about 20 -22 days to receive the order.

11. What are products and items I can buy under ₹2000?

You can buy beautiful flats, heels, trendy and stylish clothes from Street Style Store if you spend ₹2000.

12. Is Kid’s wears are available at Street Style Store?

No, kids’ wear is not available at Street Style Store. Only men and women wear are available at Street Style Store.

13. Which mode of payment is safe?

According to the reviews and research, I would say Cash on Delivery(COD) is the safest mode of payment. In many reviews, I’ve seen that some people complain that they actually never received the order when they have paid through an online payment.

So it’s highly recommendable that you choose Cash On Delivery(COD) as a mode of payment. Also, if you choose COD there is a delivery fee of ₹99. I know that you must be thinking that if you choose Cash On Delivery(COD) you will have to pay an extra ₹99 from your total but just to be on the safe side it’s better to pay through Cash On Delivery(COD) and pay extra ₹99.

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